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Data Analytics & Reporting

We provide data analysis and reporting services for clients to streamline existing processes, improve forecasting, understand the trend and explore new business opportunities.

We create and integrate dashboards into web applications using technologies like Sisense, Izenda, Telerik reporting etc. We enable automated reporting, distribution to decision makers of the organization.

Our experience with data across industries such as Healthcare, Engineering and Education has helped us create robust data analytics and reporting frameworks for our clients.

We provide portal services to download reports based on login role.

Data Analytics

We analyze data for trends, relationships and patterns. With the trends, business managers can take decisions based on current trend, market and predict future state.

Business Intelligence

We have helped businesses to choose, implement and integrate BI tools. We create Dashboards with graphical summaries, data summaries to understand KPIs (key performance indicators) and other metrics that have enabled them to monitor performance.


We provide reporting services using Telerik and other tools as per customer requirements.