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EMR Data Extraction & Conversion

We provide EMR data migration services from one system to other systems. Our migration process is cost-effective and seamless. We specialize in extracting, evaluating, and converting existing clinical data faster from one EMR system to another system with our automation process. Our testing team validates data at every process to provide accurate data.


Our team is available to understand your data conversion requirements including: Archiving Patients Data in Pdf files formats (Demographics, Documents, Progress Notes, Problem List, Immunizations, Appointments, Radiology Results, Lab Results, Flowsheets, Growth charts, Medications, Allergies, Clinical Notes, Encounters and more …) , Extract from one EMR system to other EMR system or Having a copy of your data to discontinue the software and reduce maintenance cost.

Our experience includes with major EMR systems including: EclinicalWorks, Aprima, Meditouch, CareTracker, Advanced MD, CGM webEHR, Care360EHR and Kareo..,


We start with analyzing and understanding the requirements with our discovery call and outline the process for migration. The process starts from analyzing, review current data/documents format, planning, demo sample documents, validate, estimate, schedule, and getting customer approval on the plan.


We write scripts to download the clinical data automatically from the source. We validate our sample output with the practice to make sure all our script process is accurate enough to run for entire patient list. We provide progress update on daily basis during this process which makes the customers plan for their migration seamless and on time.


We execute scripts as per plan and store the files in HIPAA complaint server or Hard drive as per other EMR requirements. Our testing team validates data for accuracy and provide reports at each stage. We convert data as needed for the target system.

Our Migration Services:

  • Understand data migration requirements

  • Get patient list with no duplicates

  • Write script

  • Download reports for test/sample patients

  • Validate the reports with the practice for process and data accuracy

  • Start executing scripts

  • Test and validate to make sure download completed successfully

  • Convert files to desired format if needed

  • Deliver output files through secured site or hard drive

Our Data Extraction Services Includes:

  • Demographics

  • Documents

  • Progress Notes

  • Problem List

  • Immunizations

  • Appointments

  • Radiology Results

  • Lab Results

  • Flowsheets

  • Growth charts

  • Medications

  • Allergies

  • Clinical Notes

  • Encounters