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Web / Mobile Application Development

We develop cloud and mobile applications to meet your business needs and engage customers using mobile devices. We understand your business requirements, design mobile screens and prototype before developing applications.

Depending on your business model, we design NATIVE, HYBRID or WEB App for mobile devices with adaptive design for the particular mobile platform (IOS, Android or Windows).

We provide secured login with touch id, dynamic data collections forms, alerts, messaging services for your apps. We develop cloud solutions and integrate API for mobile solutions.

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We develop WEB/CLOUD applications for mobile devices, it is one of the best solution if your customers are using different devices to access your application. It lets your customers use their own devices to access the application from anywhere on any device. It is easy to release new versions.


We provide NATIVE apps to use built in OS features (such as Calendar, Maps) depending on business requirements. We develop IOS, Android and Windows apps as per client requirements. It provides the best performance because of local resources of the device for functionalities.


We provide HYBRID solutions for customers who need both native functions as well as custom web app solutions. We build API services to integrate with existing applications or other services in native code. Release update on web applications reflect to end users immediately with this solution and cost effective.

Our Mobile Services:

  • Business Analysis & Planning

  • Prototype & Graphic Design

  • Development & Testing

  • Deploy & App Submission

  • Training Customers

Our Mobile Solutions:

  • IOS: Connect PMI - For Physicians

  • IOS: Gradebook and Attendance for Students

  • Android: eFieldDATA for Engineers